My landscapes serve as imagined scenarios that are inspired by the natural world around us. They reflect countless hours of wandering through various locations seeking out spaces that resonate a mystical serenity. Once found, often hundreds of photographs are taken of these environs and the objects that inhabit them. In the studio, I manipulate these images digitally, deconstructing and re-combining them while incorporating various textures, collage elements and colors to re-invent the feeling that a particular scene evoked. The result is printed using archival inks and paper, mounted onto a wood panel and becomes the base for an encaustic painting. The encaustic is poured, brushed and heated into grid-like or striped patterns, which mirror my continued interest in abstraction and the role it plays in evoking emotion. The translucent quality of encaustic directly applied to the surface augments whatever atmospheric condition the image holds. In addition, it is a media that allows for a broad range of surface textures and, by its very nature, speaks of the fragility of life and memory.